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Jelly Joins the Masters Programme in Yggdrasil YG.

Jelly Joins the Masters Programme in Yggdrasil YG.

Jelly Joins the Masters Programme in Yggdrasil YG.

Under his YG Masters programme, Yggdrasil Gaming introduced another game studio lotto 4d. This time, a fast expanding gaming developer, Jelly, has partnered. This collaboration allows its partners to join the specially built GATI framework for Yggdrasil to enhance the value generation and global delivery network of their partners.

In order to allow more independent production studios to plan, create and distribute content over Yggdrasil’s customer network in addition to its proprietary tech framework, marketing, publicity tools, Yggdrasil has introduced its programme for YG Masters continuously, and business experience for many years.

YG Masters Welcomes New Partners & Debuts GATI Game

Entering the programme 

Jelly will be able to use Gati technologies from YG Masters by entering the programme. The key sales point of this technology is a streamlined, preconfigured and most notably control-ready game creation toolkit. Besides this, the unified feature set of the toolkit makes the creation Victory996 Malaysia and development of your app products simpler for YG Masters members. YG Masters also lets YG Masters participants accelerate and expand their global presence while scale-up revenues and prospects, offering fast and convenient access to Yggdrasil’s entire game studios and developers. Distribution network, which allows its partners to sell their goods in a streamlined fashion.

Jelly is a mobile-focused app developer that is emerging. Launched at the beginning of this year, Yggdrasil and its Ygo Masters programme have since massively grown in numbers, joining bigger I gaming providers like Green logic.

Powered programme 

Stuart McCarthy, partner programmes manager at Yggdrasil in view of this collaboration, praised GATI-powered YG Masters programme and said it is a fantastic achievement and that the contents of its partners are highly well received worldwide. She also said, Yggdrasil is excited about Jelly’s onboarding and its mobile content. The group has said that it is keen to cooperate closely with Jelly to help them achieve their market objectives.

Jelly Studio Joins Yggdrasil YG Masters

Company positivity 

Victoria Newbolt, Jelly marketing chief, also commented that Yggdrasil is selective about those game development partners with which they collaborate and is invited to participate in the YG Masters programme. She added that the group is pleased to sign a joint vision for Yggdrasil, who wants to lift the standard in mobile gaming with respect to quality, diversity and entertainment. She concluded by stating the overall positive attitude of the group towards the collaboration that she looks forward to a strong working relationship and accessing Yggdrasil’s unique streamlined GATI technology for global market entry.

Jelly is not the only developer who has joined the software of Yggdrasil. In an effort to accelerate its globalisation plan the Sydney-based igaming app company, ReelPlay, revealed their collaboration with Yggdrasil and its YG Masters programme this week. Yggdrasil also launched Victoria Wild, his new game.

 The Game is the first game created with the help of its GAI creation toolkit and was made in collaboration with its YG Masters, TrueLabs programme member. The label Medusa Fortune and Glory, which is partnered with DreamTech Gaming under the collaboration programme YG Masters, will only be released a week after the latest video slot release by the brand. This announcement is just in time before the start of the new season.

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